How to Start a Technical Start-up without a Tech Co-Founder?

Most humans are intimidated with the aid of the “co-founder” label and try to keep away from a bullet whilst trying to get some help without giving too much. While finding a technical co-founder can also help out a lot, it’s not the handiest way.

You can keep a senior engineer for some months as a freelance and layout a charge structure that does not include fairness. In the best case scenario, you’ll nonetheless give up some fairness in order to maintain your staff motivated.

A constant paycheck would not motivate most humans to respond to a crucial email after hours or over the weekend. Or research to bring some customers through a conference. Some form of ‘ownership’ can also help out.

Contracting an entire corporation may also be a possible option although it may be a chunk extra expensive (given the control overhead). But you can tap into different capabilities and resources provided by using the company ERP software.

I see three major problems when non-technical founders need to address source code:

  • Inability to recognize the business problem in hand
  • Poor code quality
  • Lack of hitting sure KPIs

1. Explaining the Business Goals

You need to be completely obvious and spend a number of time with your technical team of workers discussing commercial enterprise. It’s vital to discuss the business issues and how your platform or ERP software program answer will remedy them.

Share some business perception into your commercial enterprise plan. Discuss your competitors. Talk approximately your target market and its demographics. Focus on the unique promoting blessings and the maximum important capabilities you want to incorporate.

Build use cases. Prepare flow charts. Design some situations resembling the use of the product via your prospects.

The more your technical group of workers is acquainted with the consumer needs, the simpler would it be for them to build something that suits into your requirements.

2. Code Reviews and Analysis

A High-exceptional code is an indistinct metric. Sure, there are code agreements And best practice documents. But it’s unlikely that you’ll dig into this one yourself without studying a ton approximately programming on the way.

You can talk that with your technical group and read for a few types of equipment. That could reduce some of the simple mistakes.

They might not seize everything. But some computerized testing gear will display for warnings and notices, intercept CPU spikes, or deal with a subset of not unusual problems that might be detected while parsing static code.

If you work with several different impartial developers, you may assign them to carry out code evaluations throughout the entire code base. This ought to help identify issues as well.

Signing a consulting settlement with an independent technical consultant or a company will assist you with objective exams from a third party. There are lots of senior engineers offering to consult on the side. They ought to evaluation the contemporary commits each couple of weeks or run unbiased tests domestically or in a staging environment.

3. Defining the proper KPIs

In addition to the effective requirements, you’ll set assured KPIs for the technical platform.

Identifying the proper KPIs might also still take some time (or require some assist) and also relies upon your business and the platform requirements. Solving extra complicated problems will even take longer and will fee extra. However, you don’t need your platform to crash once you start generating some traffic.

Some measurable ideas that do not require programming information are:

  • PageSpeed or YSlow scores that could be assessed with GTmetrix
  • A certain variety of concurrent customers that the platform can handle (this also depends on your hosting)
  • Seamless interactivity with a positive diploma of volume (say, loads of hundreds of records)
  • 100% insurance and fulfillment price while the use of a few penetration test/protection scanning equipment and services
  • The extra unique the list, the simpler it would be to track achievement and make certain that the platform would remedy the right troubles without deviating too much or being unstable because it grows.
  • Overall, finding a co-founder will resolve lots of those issues. But creating a combination of experienced builders with a technical representative spending 4-eight hours month-to-month for your mission. It could also work out till you generate some sales and scale your crew.