How To Stop Hair Loss in Men’s and Women’s?

More than just a hair problem, hair loss is a real plague, and more particularly in men! No matter the age, no one is safe from losing their beautiful mane one day. Depending on our genetic background or our lifestyle, we are all more or less likely to be spared. Man can today go into space, graft a face or replace a sick heart with an artificial heart, create a phone that serves as a computer, television, and camera. But in the face of the fall of hair is almost helpless. What thing helps to stop hair loss is now becomes a concern for men and women. Normally, our manhood and our pride as a man take a hit! Despite everything, even if they are not miraculous, there are solutions to slow down and combat this delicate hair problem.

Let’s first know the problems of hair loss and then after how to stop it in detail.

What you need to know about hair loss?

The hair is similar to a forest whose trees grow for 2 to 7 years, live then die and fall. Hair loss is a natural phenomenon, part of the hair life cycle. So it is normal to lose about 50 hairs per day. Beyond 50 to 100 hairs, it is considered that hair loss is pathological treatment, or taking food supplements can then be considered.

However, at certain times of the year, and especially in spring and autumn, this natural phenomenon of fall can be more important, and reach the threshold of 50 to 100 hairs per day. This is a seasonal hair loss.

Like trees, our hair is sensitive to environmental changes: the transition from summer to winter, and vice versa, are periods of radical change in climate and therefore in humidity, sunshine, outside temperature … These changes influence the rhythm and speed of the hair renewal cycle, which can then fall in greater numbers.

 There is thus a fall that affects the whole of the hair but has little effect on the overall volume of the hair. This fall lasts a maximum of one to two months. Beyond that, you should consult to determine if there is no other cause of hair loss.

Hair Loss Problem In Men’s

When you’re a man, hair loss is a risk you have to live with. There is no reason to be ashamed of it: the problem exists, and, like gray hair or wrinkles, it is a simple sign that you are getting older and getting closer to wisdom. In the fall, moreover, the problem can intensify, and some studies believe that it would be normal to lose more hair during this period than usual.

It is common, however, that the word “baldness” causes some concern in humans: change is sometimes difficult to accept. Since there is nothing else to do, we are revealing the tips you need to know to adapt your skincare habits to this new issue. To make your hair shine while it still can.

Hair Loss Problem In Women’s

Hair death on the top of the head is generally the most widely used form.

Leaving the central part of the hair, there is a thinning which will gradually extend on the sides of the top of the skull. As seen from above, one has the impression that the amount of hair in the middle of the head is increasingly small.

The second most common form of hair loss in women is the gradual loss of hair at the temples and just above the ears.

Little by little, the skull appears where the hair becomes thinner, and it ends up falling leaving it bare.

How to Stop Hair Loss In Men and Women?

Skip some shampoos

We try to repeat it as soon as the opportunity arises: don’t wash your hair every day. This injunction is even more valid if you start to lose your hair. By washing your hair every day, you permanently get rid of the sebum that protects your hair. They are therefore left to their own devices and even more fragile.

When washing them, use a Shapiro MD shampoo, which will help strengthen the scalp without damaging it.

Choose the right cut

Generally, it is the top of the skull that is the first affected by hair loss. The back and sides, very often, are still provided for a long time. To avoid the “horseshoe” effect, it is better to be rigorous with these supplied parts, keeping them short, to reduce the difference between the endangered part and the rest of your hair. Choosing a short haircut therefore slightly conceals the loss of your hair.

Of course, avoid, like Valery Giscard d’Estaing or Prince Charles in their time, to fold your hair from the side up of your skull. It is just ridiculous.

Likewise, the less disciplined and more destructured hairstyles make it possible to conceal a bit of onset of baldness a little better than the more serious cuts.

Use a texturing styling product

When your hair weakens, use a texturizing product to strengthen it without weighing it down. Salt spray can allow you to style your hair as you want.

Dry your hair properly

When you wash your hair, dry it properly: when wet, it is even more exposed and weak. So avoid brutalizing them with an energetic nap. Let them air dry or use a hairdryer, on a hot, but not hot, temperature. Everything is a question of measurement.

Change your habits

Certain habits encourage hair loss: smoking and wearing caps or hats permanently. For example. Two things you had to stop anyway: smoking is bad for your health, wearing a hat indoors is bad for your elegance.

Use a dedicated treatment

To delay the onset of complete hair loss, use a treatment that will strengthen the follicles and contain the effects of dihydrotestosterone, the hormone responsible for male hair loss. Procapil products, for example, have a reputation for stimulating hair growth.


From the above information, you come to know why hair loss problems happen in men and women. As well as how to stop hair loss problems in men and women with very basic tips.