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The All Amazing Black Sclera Contact Lenses For Halloween

Halloween is the time of the year where we can try whatever crazy costume we have ever dreamt of. It is the best time for anyone who likes to go crazy and have some fun.  

When Halloween comes around we will all be up there decorating our homes or making them look freaky and spooky. We will surely add some spider web, torn and worn out curtains, and adding some Jack-O-Lanterns to make a perfect Halloween night.And how can we forget about ourselves? We will be out there dressing up as the most horrifying creature in the world and getting ready for trick or treating. When it comes to dressing up as the most freaky being in the world, you must get your Halloween costume perfectly right. The costume and makeup play a huge role. So we must get that right at any cost.

But the best thing about Halloween is that we get to use that amazing Halloween contact lenses and bring your Halloween costume to life. And the best of the bunch is the black sclera colored contact lenses.

Black Sclera lenses are an amazing Halloween accessory, something you can prepare for when Halloween is near. They are completely diabolical when it comes to producing some of the most haunting appearances. This makes them great for Halloween. So why not know about this one?

You Can Easily Buy Black Sclera Contact Lenses

Yeah, they may be expensive than the other colored lenses or Halloween contact lenses but, you can easily afford them. They are no longer rare out of reach product that you could never get your hands on.

The advancements in technology have allowed experts to create a product that can be used easily and safely by the rest of the world. No longer these lenses are restricted to just actors and actresses. You can easily afford them and make your Halloween an event to remember. These lenses are easily available at all the best online stores.

Are Black Sclera Contact Lenses Safe To Wear?

This is a very much asked question nowadays and some people will keep on believing in certain rumors and stay away from Sclera lenses. The truth of the matter is that Black Sclera contacts are very safe to wear. That is why they are available at some of the best online and physical stores. You can even find them at some of the top brands around the world. The only thing you need to worry about is the fact that you should not compromise on the quality of the sclera lenses. Always do your research about the best online store and brands. Stay away from shady dealers and beauty salons, only buy from the best online stores.

With the right research, you will definitely buy quality black sclera contact lenses. Once that is done and dusted you should have a good idea of how to use them and insert them in your eyes safely. All of this has to do with keeping your hands clean and maintaining hygiene. Alongside that, you need to maintain the lenses as best as possible. Learn from someone who experienced how you can insert the lenses in your eyes. Yes, they are bigger in size, but they are pretty simple to insert.

Some important safety measures you need to take care that you should not share your Sclera lenses with any friend or family member. Well, this goes for any contact lenses, as sharing may transfer eye disease from one person to another. So stay safe. Also, do not wear the sclera lenses for too long, they cover the eyes completely and hinder the provision of oxygen. This will leave your eyes dry and itchy. So use them only for a good 5-6 hours, that must be enough for your Halloween party.

Different types of sclera Contact lenses

There are different types of Black sclera coloured contact lenses out there in the market. To be specific there are two types of sclera when it comes to size and many different in colors.

The two main types are the normal sclera lenses and the mini sclera lenses. The normal sclera lenses are 22mm in diameter and they cover the whole eyes leaving no white part visible. Then the mini sclera lenses are a bit smaller yet larger than the normal lenses. They are 17mm and they cover the iris and some part of the white part.  These mini sclera lenses are also called naruto lenses and they are used to dress up as anime characters.

Halloween costume With Black Sclera Contact Lenses

There are many spooky Halloween costumes that you can wear with the Black Sclera contact lenses

  • Demon from underworld
  • Zombie
  • Wild beast
  • Alien
  • Witch costume

Make sure to have a great Halloween with Black sclera contact lenses.