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While it is a fact that Hollywood has always remained steadfast and always had an upper hand to the other existing animation industries but Japan has never come flow with its emergence of talented artists. With the first ever anime movie to be Astro Boy, Japan has done nothing but produced gems especially after World War 2.

However, the only sad reality is that anime is still far more underrated than any Hollywood animated movie could be. Japanese animated movies have been nominated for Oscars but they are still very from acquiring the recognition they actually deserve to have.

The popularity of animations or animated content, which encompasses every animation form, can be judged by the fact that even marketing and branding strategies are resorting to animations. Such as businesses and individuals alike are on the search to get the best animate explainer video produced with the aim to outweigh the competitors.

Now back to the main agenda of the article. If you already are an avid anime fan or you are eager to dwell deeper into the anime industry, here are some anime movies you should definitely watch.


Akira cannot be considered as a cult classic but it surely has gained popularity years after its original release. Its popularity rose to such an extent that Hollywood celebrities even remade some of the movie’s scenes into their music videos. The movie was initially released in 1988 and follows a story that is set into the future. The Manga is far more disturbing than the animated movie but in actuality, it is a story of science fiction, betrayal, and war.

Grave of the Fireflies

It would not have been just to Hayao Miyazaki if a Studio Ghibli movie were not added to the list. The movie Grave of the Fireflies has been an emotional wreck since it focuses on the aftermaths of World War 2 but is made on the perspective of Japan. Two siblings lose their family during the war and are forced to live a life full of trials and heartbreaks.

Your Name

This one is not by Studio Ghibli but another renowned director called Makoto Shinkai. Most anime fans remember Shinkai by the man who broke many hearts in his movie 5 Centimeter Per Second but Your Name is visually poetic and alike to it but it is based on the more livelier side which his movies usually do not have. Two high school students, living in two different time zones, meet each other with a simple and magical swap of souls and slowly learn why this was destined to happen.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

A movie that has been internationally recognized and that is a stature that not many are able to secure. The movie revolves around a teenage girl who spends most of her time with two of her close high school friends. One day she finds a device that she accidentally accesses and notices that it has the power to make her time travel. It is not a random incident or occurrence for her to get her hands on the device as in this dystopian world, she and her friends have to face many hurdles.

Tokyo Godfathers

A classic by the late Satoshi Kon, Tokyo Godfathers is all about the true and unlikely hardships of the 21st century. Three homeless individuals find an abandoned baby and make the decision to raise it together. This miracle takes place on Christmas Eve and nor do they have the heart to dump the poor baby elsewhere so they decide to keep it but with only a single aim in mind – to find the baby’s real parents.


The first ever anime movie is claimed to be Astro Boy and Metropolis is a lot similar to it since it also focuses on the unwanted and bitter future. A world where robots are made to dominate over humans, a young boy befriends a robot, Tima but their encounter and friendship does not result in happiness. They face many issues and are forced to separate since Tima has to fulfill her goal of dominating the humankind, which she no longer wants.

Ghost In The Shell

Many anime movies have been turned into live-action movies by Hollywood and Ghost In The Shell is one such movie. It just could not earn the popularity or reach to the notability that its anime version has. The Manga was released in 1989 and not long after the manga issues were out, the animated movie was made in 1995. The movie follows a futuristic and dystopian world that comprises of both humans and robots. However, many crimes start to take place and the cyborg female protagonist has to find the root of evil.

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