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The Room movie is based on Johnny who does an amazing job at his bank, saving money for them and lives with his future wife.

And he thinks he has a great life with them together, but she’s secretly sleeping with his best friend, Mark. Before we go let’s know all about this movie.

The Room Movie Genres, Cast, Plot, Director, Collection, Production:

Genre: Drama, Romance

Release Date: 27 June 2003

Languages: English

Director: Tommy Wiseau

Producer: Tommy Wiseau

Writer: Zack Rossiter 

Collection: 1,800 USD (US/Canada)

The Room Cast:

  • Tommy Wiseau as a Johnny
  • Juliette Danielle as a Lisa
  • Greg Sestero as a Mark
  • Philip Haldiman as a Denny
  • Carolyn Minnott as a Claudette
  • Robyn Paris as a Michelle
  • Mike Holmes as a Mike (as Mike Scott)
  • Dan Janjigian as a Chris-R
  • Kyle Vogt as a Peter
  • Greg Ellery as a Steven

The Room Movie Rating:

24% Rotten Tomatoes

3.7/10 IMDb

The Room Movie Review

Some movies are so brilliant that they help prove that cinema can be art. Others however are so horrendously vile that they instead create a void that scars your very soul, showing that art is overrated.

The Room begins when Lisa, a woman engaged to a semi-successful banker named Johnny, gets bored of the relationship and cheats on him with his best friend Mark.

And that’s the story. There’s nothing more to the story besides several incomplete subplots. A drug dealer who wants his money, an unexpected pregnancy, a mother who refuses to die from cancer…

Besides their lack of cohesion to the main plot, all are subplots that fade away as soon as they’re introduced.

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And you’re going to wish that you could fade away as well, so that you can avoid 90 minutes of despicable characters and agonizing plot.

The Room is more boring than real life. Besides this, the main plot doesn’t even come close to a three act structure.

The script is a complete mess, completely devoid of any plot points. Not to mention that when compared to great films like The Godfather or Citizen Kane, …

Tommy’s direction seems unnecessary in terms of needless shots as well as several angles that don’t properly convey the film’s tone.

On the other hand, Tommy Wiseau has actually taught me a lot about sex. Apparently, a good position that most people don’t try is belly button sex.

Here’s the worst part about Tommy’s “masterpiece”. Tommy Wiseau is probably the worst actor of all time.

His acting talent makes Arnold Schwarzenegger seem worthy of an Academy Award. Besides the poorly written dialogue in which characters say exactly what’s on their mind,…

Tommy butchers the English language with nonsensical one-liners that were never meant to be funny. In addition, his thick accent and strange delivery has an element of Christopher Walken.

Christopher Walken Impression: I did not… hit her. That’s bullshit. I did nawt. Besides Tommy, you also have Juliette Danielle as Lisa.

Though she’s thankfully not nearly as bad as Tommy Wiseau, Juliette’s acting was too over-the-top to be believable.

Then there’s Philip Haldeman, who plays Denny. Philip was practically on the same level as Tommy with his repulsive delivery.

Not to mention that this kid is kind of creepy. Creepy music: I just want to watch you guys… Finally, you have Greg Sestero as Mark.

Greg was the best actor out of all of them and even he made me want to strangle myself with the wire of a rusty coat hanger.

That being said, the atrocious acting didn’t sit well with me, but if you’re a fan of campy B-movie… I can’t do this.

Not even if you’re a fan of that garbage should you plague your eyes and ears with The Room. How the fuck did Tommy Wiseau raise six million dollars for this piece of shit?!

It baffles me!

On the plus side, The Room’s Blu Ray quality is actually okay. – Yo Kyle, what’s the deal with the ball? … – I don’t know.

The amount of film grain and compressed audio felt minimal. And that’s the only compliment I have for The Room.

For one, the movie lacks warm or cool colours to support the tone, instead becoming muddled somewhere in the middle.

The green screen effects were dreadful and the composition was too dramatic during scenes where nothing happens.

And can someone tell me why a song by The Backstreet Boys plays during the simulated sex scenes?

Tommy Wiseau is a genius. The same way Citizen Kane is a brilliant film, The Room kind of is, too. Citizen Kane had economic direction, a stellar cast, and an entertaining plot.

The Room had lingering, obtrusive shots, an appalling cast, and practically no story. It’s as if Tommy analyzed Citizen Kane before setting out to make a cult – (SLAP!) No.

Before I watched The Room, I had hoped it would be so bad, it’s good. But it doesn’t deserve that honour.

The Room is not a movie so bad that it needs to be seen; it’s a movie so bad that it needs to be forgotten.


Frequently asked questions regarding to The Room movie.

Does Netflix have The Room Movie?


Who is director of The Room?

Tommy Wiseau 

Where can I watch the original The Room movie?

The Room currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video you can watch it from there.

How long is the movie The Room?

1h 39m The Room /Running time.


The Room gets 7 out of 10.

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