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Things You Must Keep in Mind To Shift Vehicles

Shifting from your old nest to a totally unknown and novel place gives a pettish feeling. This disposophobic parting can be much more difficult if you’ve been living in one place for years. There’s a special attachment to the old place and old things. Thus, shifting your vehicle is a whole emotionally and mentally hectic process. You want to ensure that every item of your old nest gets shifted safely and smoothly. This is particularly true for vehicle shifting. However, some cynical transportation companies might not sense your fear. Often, they ruthlessly shift vehicles to make things worse, leaving for you to find that your beloved car or bike is now a hooptie! Keep in mind these things before handling your beloved child to packers and movers.


The foremost thing to keep in mind while shifting your vehicle is doing a proper survey. Search for the best packers and movers in your area and make sure they complement the vehicle shifting. Get their customer reviews. Compare the prices and services through various sites, and get fair deals for secured and best packers and movers services. Inquire about modes of payment, transportation time, etc.


A preliminary step in the process of vehicle shifting is to get your vehicle insured. Although the packers and movers may assure you of their super exemplary services, it won’t be gross on your part to get your vehicle insured to avoid the repercussions of accidental damage.

Clean your car

Before handling the keys of your vehicle to the transportation company, make sure to clean your car from inside properly. Don’t forget to take out important documents like RC, license, pollution, etc. Never turn a blind eye to what is happening around you.

Check the condition of your car

Before letting the transportation company have control of your vehicle, check the condition of your car. Be sure about the no. of dents, scratches, or any damage beforehand. Note the number of damages or dents and the places where they are. Might sound absurd but this trick is beneficial in avoiding later disputes with the transportation company.

Avoid fueling your tank!

Never keep your fuel tank full when you shift vehicles. It will unnecessarily add up to its weight and might cost you additional transportation charges. As your car should only be driven for few purposes during transportation, don’t fuel up more than one-fourth of your tank capacity. Note down the odometer reading before relocation.

Take off additional accessories 

If you have installed car accessories, it better to take them off before the relocation process. During the lifting and shifting, they may get damaged and cost you an extra penny. 

Important indications

Further, any other technicalities related to your car must be communicated to the transportation company. Check for any leaks in the car and inflation of tires. Overinflated tires can be risky.

Lock your car properly!

Make sure to lock your car properly and close all the windows. This will protect you from any theft-related issues. As told above, even if you choose the best packers and movers, don’t turn a blind eye to what is happening around you. Personally check all the things mentioned.