Top Areas of Residence for Families in Dubai

Dubai, known to be the friendliest location for families in the whole world. It offers a plethora of secure and safe residences for families, with a wide variety of options available to choose from. However, there are many options that need to be considered before narrowing down to your dream home. You need to keep schools, space, commuting, and budget into account. Keeping all of these aspects in mind, we have compiled all the places to live in. They are suitable for families, giving you the chance to make the most perfect and precious memories.

Villa based Top Residential Areas for Families in Dubai

Are you wondering where you should live with your family in this city? Well, not to worry, there are many villas based residential areas in this city, which offer privacy, space and are ideal for the families to reside in. they are well known to be communities that are proactive and have a selection of family friendly events and activities. So, let us take you all through the best residential villas in Dubai that boast a wide range of villas for families.


These villas are the most popular to be precise and very family-friendly as well. The homes are large and spacious, which come with a lot of room, enabling your kids to explore and be entertained as well. The suburb is an ideal space to get away from the city life, with market days periodically and community barbecues as well. Moreover, there are many more activities to engage yourself into along with spending your time with the kids. Arabian Ranches comprise of the best villas, and there are many educational institutions there as well. They are all located very conveniently in gated communities, which further add to the allure making it one of the top areas in Dubai.


Jumeriah comes under one of the oldest expat areas in Dubai for families, which features a collection of villas. They are all just a few steps away from the iconic beach. Moreover, it is also the home of many premier schools, and educational institutes, which also includes the very prestigious Jumeirah College.

Other than that, most of the beaches in Jumeirah have beaches for people to cool down during the hot summers of Dubai, making it one of the best areas to live in, in Dubai for families. It is by far the most cultural place, the Madinat Jumeirah and Kite Beach host. They are the leading entertainers and artists from all over the world. It allows the kids to develop a love for art as well. The villas in the vicinity are designed in such a way that they enable the people to enjoy the hot summers and the value nature, thanks to the gardens and beautiful sceneries.


Just as beautiful as Dubai is, no other place helps in the management of being transported from the bustle of Al Barai. The greenery makes you forget that you are residing in a city that is a desert. It also provides the most ideal back drop for your kids. It helps them widen their imagination, making it one of the best places to live in.

You should encourage your kids to learn more about the environment in this beautiful community. It is very easily considered to be one of the most picturesque areas of Dubai, widening your imagination and giving you a good experience as well. However, the drawback of this area is that most of the schools are far away from the residential areas, at least twenty minutes away.


It is a very popular area for the families in Dubai. It has villas that are designed according to the European styles. It also creates an ideal environment for your kids when it comes to their upbringing and raising them. The price tags are modest, and the lifestyle is upscale, which makes it one of the most preferred areas of Dubai.

Bottom of Form

“It has the place for the kids to run free, for the dog to run free. There are also two parks within Mirdif, one in walking distance, the nicest schools, our social circle is all here…it’s our village.”


A master community of Dubai, Emirates Hills, is the best places to live in as predicted for the families. It is also known as a residential community. It also has the best properties in Dubai. It is one of most upscale localities, which is ideal for kids because it is a safe haven for families with children. There is also an easy access to all the places like Sheikh Zayed Road, the retail centers, the parks and the offices, making it the most favorite place for expats.