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Top Food Bloggers Across The World, You Should Know

Who does not love food? Well, what if some people are dedicated to food, recipes, and sharing pictures of foods. Food bloggers are taking all social sites by storm. Suppose, you are heading towards your kitchen, but wondering where to find new lip-smacking recipes to cook? Well, food bloggers can help you here. 

Food blogging is not limited to just sharing recipes and food pictures, some of the ardent food bloggers take you on an amazing gastronomical journey through their culinary skills. 

Also, it has become a powerful online marketing tool to showcase your culinary skills that can make your home cooking extra-ordinary. Moreover, through food blogging, you can appreciate and share the toothsome delicacies of street food. However, overnight success is not possible in this field. But gradually, with hard work and dedication, you will reach there. 

To help you in your journey, we are presenting some of the most famous and top food bloggers across the world who are delicately bringing unforgettable food experiences and rapidly gaining momentum.

Top Food Bloggers Across The World

Deliciously Ella

When it comes to the top food bloggers across the world, Deliciously Ella comes in the first position. She launched her blog, Deliciously Ella, in the year 2012 after she was diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, to track her eating and experiment with making healthier recipes.

Since then, her platform has flourished into a mobile app, three cookbooks, her own deli business, a line of nutritious snacks.

Fit Men Cook

Kevin Curry’s Fit Men Cook is another globally renowned food blog. He worked hard to lead a heather lifestyle before his fitness journey. Earlier Kevin realized that hours in the gym would not make up for a poor diet. So he started to cook more of his meals. When his passion for healthy eating increased, he came up with Fit Men Cook as a platform to share his recipes with others.

Gimme Some Oven

Ali Ebright came up with her blog Gimme Some Oven to create a central location for her numerous recipes. He is focused on starting as recipe development and cooking but has also expanded into the areas of DIY and life advice. Ebright lives in Kansas City and enjoys life alongside her husband and dog, while entertaining friends with her cooking prowess.

Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker is a Portland-based recipe developer; he created the blog, Dana Shultz in the year 2010. Recipes brought by Minimalist Baker are intended to be simple and need either 10 ingredients or less, a single bowl or pot, or only 30 minutes to prepare.

The Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummond of the Pioneer Woman boasts an astounding social reach of 7.3 million people. She started blogging in the year 2016 and has since written 7 best-selling books, appeared on Good Morning American, and received blogging awards and is based in Oklahoma.

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Skinny Taste

Gina Homolka started her blog Skinny Taste in 2008. It was grown out of her love for food and photography. She brings a wide range of healthy recipes that it into several categories like vegetarian, paleo, low carb, freezer-friendly, and under 30 minutes.

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Jonathan Cheban

The man behind the highly followed Los Angeles food blog, @foodgod, Jonathan Cheban is among the famous food bloggers. He is also known for his friendship with celebrity Kim Kardashian. His food blog is one that is sure to end in clogged arteries.

Bottom Line

These are the top food blogger you can follow. These food enthusiasts took the road less travelled and got into this scene long before it was very popular. They have been keeping their traditional culinary skills up to date with newly introduced trends. And present-day, they are taking the world by storm. 

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