Top Products You Should and Shouldn’t Buy at Amazon

Amazon is a shopping website loved by millions of people. In fact, Amazon has overtaken Walmart as the world’s largest retailer. But that doesn’t mean everything on Amazon is worth buying. You should know which things to buy at Amazon or which are not.

Green has gathered for you the best things to buy on Amazon and which products you should consider looking elsewhere. Green will give you tips to buy electronics, food, useful tools for your smart home, etc.

Here are 9 products worth buying on Amazon and the ones you should skip:

1. Recommended to buy: Amazon devices

Amazon devices like Echo, Alexa devices, Fire tablets, Fire TVs, and Kindles are all the most searched and bought products. Amazon offers great deals on various devices and even their parts and accessories that other retailers don’t have 

Skip: Nameless electronics companies 

You should avoid buying unnamed electronic devices on Amazon. While some products may be genuine, others are of low quality and may damage your iPhone battery, shock the user, or even catch fire.

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2. Recommended to buy: Laptop, tablet

Laptop is a widely used device on par with smartphones. It serves the needs of studying, working, entertaining… really necessary today. And a genuine and quality laptop product will be the top priority of consumers. The purchase of laptops on Amazon will meet you on genuine quality products, world leading reputation. 

Skip: Smartphone

With hundreds of ways to buy a phone in brick and mortar stores, you don’t necessarily have to order to ship online because there is some fee from the shipping service. But if you enjoy shopping online, you can grab some coupon codes, especially free shipping coupons on some website sites that provide active coupons daily such as Coupon Website.

3. Recommended to buy: Soundbar, Bluetooth Headphones or Earbuds 

These are products that are very often discounted on amazon, in addition, there are famous brands like Harman Kardon speakers that are products you can’t find directly and are very expensive in some countries. 

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Skip: Wall Lights on Amazon 

As the images and descriptions for some items can be deceptive, the product will not match the description they posted. 

4. Recommended to buy: Sports shoes 

Shoes on amazon are very diverse and many brands, you will find a unique pair of shoes or a pair of adidas or nike at a great price. 

Skip: Decorated flowers

You can buy beautiful fake flower bouquets on Amazon if you want but you have two options. 1 is to pay a few hundred to buy directly in a brick and mortar store or it is to spend a lot of money and waiting time. 

5. Recommended to buy: Smart watches, wristwatches

Amazon provides the market with extremely diverse and rich products that meet the criteria of quality as well as high aesthetics. In particular, the most prominent must be mentioned genuine watches that bring high value. Choosing to buy a watch on Amazon you don’t need to worry about quality. Because you need to know that Amazon has high reliability and the best customer care mode on e-commerce sites in the US.

Skip: Cosmetics 

It can be tempting to buy familiar cosmetic brands on Amazon, but even brands like Maybelline and Covergirl cost more on Amazon than in-store. 

Should buy: Machinery, equipment, auto parts 

Machinery, equipment and car parts at Amazon always ensure good quality. Foreign-made goods are rarely fake or counterfeit, but they only focus on quality to bring the highest efficiency. 

Skip: Products from Google and Apple at Amazon 

Naturally, Amazon focuses on promoting its own products like the Echo or Kindle rather than the competitors’ products.

“That often means you won’t find the absolute best deals on Google or Apple products”

6. Recommended to buy: Household appliances, home appliances

Household products such as induction cookers, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners or smart home devices are always promoted by amazon for great deals. And we will not have to argue about the quality of products from the US or Japan, Germany and Italy, etc

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Skip: Furniture

Amazon has a better website overall, perks for Prime members, and cheaper products, but Wayfair offers a simpler and more organized experience for people looking to buy furniture.

7. Recommended to buy: Air purifier

With the problem of air pollution increasing day by day, this is an indispensable product in your home. Amazon has a wide variety of filters with many different designs and sizes. You will surely find the right product for your home. 

8. Recommended to buy: Functional foods 

In addition to household items, technology, electronics, and fashion items, Amazon also has many functional food stores – a category that is attracting a lot of attention and selling well today. The medicines that replace food and nutritional supplements for the body on amazon are very diverse and have many different uses such as body care, energy supplements, providing vitamins, etc. 

9. Recommended to buy: Art supplies

Paints, brushes, canvas – yes, you can buy these at an art supply store or you can buy them in bulk from Amazon and save money.

Art products sold on Amazon are often the same brands sold at craft stores but at a cheaper price.

Above are the necessary summaries for you. To order US goods in general or buy goods on Amazon is simple.

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