Top-Ranked International Places for Indian Tourists

When it comes to International places for Indian tourists, it is no more just a dream but is cherished for a lifetime. There are plenty of international places for Indian that is close to the country and offer different experiences. So if you have been dreaming of an international tour from India, then be ready to plan it as there are plenty of international getaways to book your international flights to Canada from India and explore the mighty lush valleys, scenic islands, and plethora of tourist spots.

List of top-ranked international places for Indian Tourists


Thailand, also nicknamed “Land of Smiles”, says it all. It is a destination that will pretty accurately set your mood for a vacation from India. It is one of the favorite holiday destinations for many tourists around the world. From the gorgeous beaches, ancient temples to unexplored markets, charming shopping markets, and thriving culinary scenes, Thailand will surely spoil you with many choices. Located in South East Asia, this island nation is most opted by honeymoon couples, fun seekers, and adventure lovers.


Singapore is one of the most beautiful international places for Indian tourists, countries and is one of the favorite holiday destinations. Many travelers and families book their international flights from India to Singapore to witness these lush-green lands and turquoise-colored sea. The enticing country does attract not only families but also many experience seekers from all over the globe. It has pleasing shopping markets and mouth-drooling eateries. It offers several adventure activities to add fun and thrill to your Singapore trip.


Another favorite holiday destination from India is Malaysia, a tropical island nation in Southeast Asia. The fascinating and beautiful country Malaysia is known for bustling cities, picturesque beaches, beautiful historic sites, and exciting adventure activities. This country is blessed with a very rare charm and offers exhilarating vacations for families, couples, and solo travellers. You will find numerous national parks, marine life, lush green forests, and many mega shopping centers to keep you entertained throughout your trip. It is a perfect international destination to visit from India for a relaxing holiday time. 


Dubai is one of the most incredible locations for an international trip in every way. Whether you are traveling from India or from any part of the world, from the world’s highest tower with many man-made islands, beaches, and popular shopping destinations, you will find it all. Dubai has everything you might be looking for for an adventurous trip. You can book direct international flights from India to Dubai to spend some quality time with your close ones. One thing is sure that this Emirate city is one such place that will present you with millions of unforgettable and lively memories.


Indonesia is a country that can call as a synonym for bliss. It is one of the best holiday destinations in the world and is preferred by many travelers including Indians. Surrounded by the Pacific and Indian oceans from both sides, Indonesia is an archipelago of more than 18000 islands in South East Asia. Popularly known for picturesque beaches, ancient Hindu temples, forests, volcanoes, and amazing marine life. Many Indian travelers choose Indonesia to spend their fabulous vacation.

One of the most preferred islands in Indonesia is Bali which is called the Island of Paradise. While on your trip to Indonesia, you might want to see the inner beauty and wonders of Indonesia, and Bali packages are the best way to fulfill your incomplete desire.

Sri Lanka

Another stunning island destination that can be traveled to by booking international flights from India is Sri Lanka. It is one of the closest international vacation destinations from India and has been sharing its roots in India. This teardrop island in the Indian Ocean is a truly fantastic destination to explore.

Visitors will find charming hill towns, World heritage sites, Buddhist monasteries, scenic shorelines, and lush tea gardens to keep you hooked throughout your vacation time. Not only this, but visitors can also taste the mouth-watering seafood dishes from many popular eateries located in Sri Lanka. 


Mauritius is a famous island nation snuggled in the Indian Ocean and is renowned for its white sandy beaches, reefs, and lagoons. It is one of the best and safest places to visit outside of India. This island country is popular for its wide variety of flora and fauna, with many endemic species in its proximity.

The country enjoys a sub-tropical climate with clear and warm sea waters, pristine beaches, and tropical fauna and flora, complemented by multi-cultural delights. Mauritius is a paradise for travelers who love food because it has incredible culinary scenes.


The Maldives is another island nation located in the Indian ocean with a chain of 26 atolls. It is also the world’s lowest-lying nation and has the highest natural point that is one of the world’s lowest. The Maldives boasts a chain of 1296 coral islands and is a world-famous location for scuba diving. The island nation also flaunts extra-ordinary marine life and coral reefs. The Maldives is considered one of the top places for staycation outside India. Some of the best activities you can enjoy are an underwater spa, scuba diving, and majestic views of the sunset by booking Maldives Packages and beautiful Maldives resorts.


Nestled in the Himalayan ranges, Bhutan is one of the happiest countries in the world. Undoubtedly this makes Bhutan one of the most impressive international destinations for your holiday. From many ancient monasteries to the advent of Buddhism to scenic hiking trails, Bhutan has it all. Also known as the Kingdom of Dragon, this Himalayan country has fresh mountain air, charming scenic views, and a glorious past that will surely help you to create some irresistible memories for a lifetime. Bhutan is considered one of the favorite family vacation international destinations outside India. You can browse through numerous Bhutan tour packages for a complete travel experience.


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