How to Use Custom T-shirts to Promote Your Business?

The promotion of your business is extremely important. It doesn’t matter, if you’ve just opened doors of your small business or if it’s established and running for a while. You simply cannot slack around, should always be on your toes and thinking about promoting business.

How about I tell you a method that will attract more customers to your business, will increase online sales, increase recognition, build your company’s worth and value in the market & in the eyes of your consumers.

That method my friend is the use of custom promotional products. Now there are a lot of promotional products to choose from. So you’ll be thinking about which one you should go to have the maximum impact on the audience. That product would happen to be custom t-shirts to promote business.

Now custom t-shirts are super versatile which gives you endless options to use them. Here are six easy ways to promote business with custom t-shirts. You can use these ways to boost your company’s marketing and sales:

6 Ways To Promote Business with Custom T-Shirts

1. Custom t-shirts can be given out as social media giveaways

Social media influence holds a lot of importance in a company’s recognition and its fame. If you’re looking to expand your social media influence then hosting giveaways across your company’s social channels is pretty important. Put some beautifully designed and manufactured custom t-shirts to promote business with your company logo on social platforms. People would just go crazy for it. Your engagement rate will skyrocket and everyone would think highly about you and your business.

2. Tempt people into increasing their participation and response by giving them custom t-shirts

Now a lot of times your call to action might go unnoticed or ignored. The best way to make sure that they do not go unnoticed is by tempting people by offering them a custom t-shirt. Because of the custom t-shirt, the consumers will listen to you and will respond to your call to action. They’d want to get their hands on the free merchandise (custom t-shirts) and will do what you ask them to, to get them.

3. Custom t-shirts could be given out as a gift if someone purchases your goods or services

Do you have a new good or service that you would like to promote? One way of doing so would be by including an amazing custom t-shirt with them as a gift. People adore and absolutely love free gifts, so they’ll definitely go for your goods and services when they know they’ll get a smart t-shirt with it.

4. Custom t-shirts can be handed out through lucky draws

Having lucky draws is an amazing method to attract the crowd and spread your name. Not only does it increase engagement, but it also extends your reach. Hold out monthly lucky draws and gift a smart and well-manufactured custom t-shirt to 3-4 people who win the draw. This way, the lucky draw gift won’t cost you a fortune and whenever the winners wear your custom t-shirt with the business logo, they’ll be spreading and marketing or say will promote your business.

5. Gift out custom t-shirts to your employees

Customers and clients are the ones who get generate all the revenue. But you should also show your employees that they are important to you and hold a place in your heart. You can do that by gifting your employees some custom t-shirts to promote business. This will boost employee morale and productivity. Your employees will think positively about you and will every ounce of their sweat and blood to the company and will always try their best to do their jobs perfectly all the time. 

6. Custom t-shirts can be used to show gratitude towards your valued customers

Do you have customers who regularly spend significant amounts of money on your products or services? Reward those loyal clients with high-quality, custom t-shirts. This will show your valued customers that you value their business and care about them. Making them feel special will only cement your place in their hearts. They won’t take their business elsewhere and would stay loyal to you.


These 6 ways of custom t-shirts to promote business will help to make people aware of your business. It also helps to save some of your marketing money which you will spend to boost your brand in the market.