What are Technologies of The Future?

How do you define a new technology, which makes completing manual tasks easier? You can it out-of-the-box and many more. Yes, the entire globe thanks to the person responsible for the new innovation. But is that all? Tell me, if a new device comes and makes a splash in the market, and the company becomes popular, is that all? The fact is a real No. You read the article, the new device, its functions, and then forget. You (as well as the public) move on to the next innovation or technologies of the future. To be honest, there were some technology innovations that came to the market. They made a name and then vanished.

Do you need examples? The Pager. Back from 2000 to 2008, it was pagers which were popular than mobiles. But now, are they? Well, their popularity has waned over time. Isn’t it?  But then there are some technologies, which made a slow start. But they kept improving with every decade. Now they are not only well-received but also programmed to become the technologies of the future. You can mention a few. Examples, such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain technology, and more. In this article, let us discuss some of them.

We have covered enough ammunition in the first paragraph. So, instead of beating around the bush, let us focus on the future technologies with which you will have to live in the future.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Did we see a wicked smile on your face? We understand. All over the internet, if there has been one technology making the greatest sound, it is AI. It has retained its place among the top five performing new technologies of the future.  For the past five years. AI has brought a change in many industries. It is here to stay, as per the predictions.

The one factor, where AI has been able to help many industries is to arrange data in a proper form. These days, every company of repute in an industry has a digital marketing team. And an enormous amount of data. And AI can compile the vast data, arrange it in a proper fashion. Then the company management can make the right decisions.

Will we take one example of AI in a company?

You are a security supervisor in a multinational company. It provides repair services for air conditioners in Hyderabad. Now, your company has entered into partnerships with a start-up. The other popular company provides handyman professionals for doorstep services for AC repair in Hyderabad. Being the security supervisor, your company has installed smart locks for the door. So, every employee’s facial details get registered in the CCTV and the smart door. Once an employee stands in front of the door, the AI software application recognizes the features and grants him/her access. But if a new person (for an interview) comes, then you get an alarm on the mobile. As a security person, you may have to give him a one-time password to access the door. And this password will be active for only the required time. And this process works on the principles of AI algorithms.

Will we see the benefits of AI in many industries? How could you define the Smart device voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Cortana? They work on the principles of Artificial Intelligence.


Voice is going to play a major game in the future. Can you make a simple guess? Okay, so you are thinking about smart homes and smart electronic appliances. Bingo, you are at the right target! And yes, there is also a search option which you forgot. Let us explain in a simple manner.

Before a decade, on any search engine, you need to type the exact words to get info on a specific topic. Do you find the same condition today? Now, you can take your mobile, give your command and let the AI algorithms do the job. You can also turn your mobile into home security system.

Even in home automation, voice is playing a major role. Do you have seniors in the family suffering from mobility problems? Then, all you need to do is to let them know the tricks of using a mobile to give commands to the smart appliances. So, you have washing machines that can stop with a command. You also have lights, fans (of course, smart appliances) which you can ask to switch on and off. Courtesy, AI. Seniors in the family have to command with their voice and the job gets done. And this has diversified to a new technology called as the IoT.

Edge Computing

This technology is still set to become big, but yes, it will become the base for other technologies of the future. Edge computing – an element where every aspect of a process, right from content collection, processing of information and delivery to a required source is done at a single location. The time required is very low, and the data can get processed in seconds. So, there is no need to send data to another area or space to complete the process. So, there is no problem with security.

Prescriptive Analysis

prescriptive analysis

There was a time when the subject of marketing campaigns was dependent on the mood of managers. Now, it is the customers’ behavior which is making much impact. Let us imagine you have a company offering online laundry services in Mumbai. To ensure you get many customers, you have enlisted as a customer service vendor to a start-up which offers online laundry service in Mumbai (the entire city).

For advertising your service packages, you have a digital marketing team. With predictive analysis, the software can give accurate results on consumer behavior. Based on the results, your digital marketing team can devise proper campaigns. The result – more responses from the viewers to get more revenue.

Predictive Analytics

This technology is sure to become a favorite one for many manufacturing industries in the future. Can you make a guess? It is a bit complicated. Let us explain in simple words. Imagine, you are a company owner manufacturing spare parts for washing machines in Bangalore. You get orders from clients and then make the delivery before the deadline. But imagine the situation when one machine does not work and needs maintenance. Then the other machines, worker’s job,s and timings may have to go through a reschedule. Predictive Analytics algorithms, if implemented into a machine, can alert you of problems in any equipment or machine.



This technology, that is 5G, is one of the most awaited in the next year. There are already many articles on the internet about the benefits of 5G. Some would be –

  • High Internet Speed
  • Low Latency

If 5G comes in full force, the two technologies going to benefit are virtual reality and augmented reality.



There are still a few who think of automation only in manufacturing industries. To be honest, automation has moved from the very assets of manufacturing industries. Now the same gets applied to social media platforms. There are social media platforms where you have to post daily images, posters, and banners. And yes, the timings also matter. With automation, the job is made easy.

What is in it for the future? You are right. Self-Driving cars. And let us wait for the future and keep your fingers crossed. But the technology that will come will have a complete mixture of Machine Learning, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence.


In the article, we have covered some new technologies of the future. There are still some more in the queue. Example – Big Data, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Chatbots. Did you go through the article and got valuable information? Want to get similar information?