What Damages Can I Receive After a Truck Crash?

Truck accident cases are one of the most dangerous accidents in the world. It causes severe damages like physical, emotional, financial, and so on to the victim. As a result, the victim of most of the truck crash accidents needs long term medical treatment. 

In most cases, trucks are totally inverted on the road, and then it causes dangerous accidents of cars or motorbikes. In that case, truck owners need to pay a huge amount of compensation according to the personal injury law. 

If you are a victim of this type of case, you need a truck accident lawyer very urgently. We can recommend you to hire someone for the best Arizona Truck Accident Lawyer. 

So, what damages can I receive after a truck crash? Let’s know.

What Damages can I Receive After a Truck Crash?

Accidents of the semi-large or large truck are hazardous and costly. That is why the court arranges a significant amount of compensation for them. For this reason, you need to understand different types of damages so that you can mention them in the application. 

Following are the most common types of damages in truck accident cases:

Economic Damages:

If we want to define economic damage, these are the damages that are calculatable. These damages will cause different types of tangible bills. There are different types of economic damages you may face in a truck accident. The most common economic damages are as follows:

Loss of Income

After an accident, you will not have the ability to work. You will be on bed rest for a few months and sometimes even for a few years. In that case, the payment you normally get from your office, you will not get. 

Most probably, this one is the most significant damages ever. If you are the main earner of your family, this will financially destroy your family at all.

Property Damages

In an accident, a huge amount of your property can be damaged. Most commonly, your vehicle can be unrestorable. You may have a very expensive watch in your hand, or you may have lost your wallet. Many things like these can happen. You have to note all these damages and mention them with the application of the insurance company.

Medical Treatments

When you are injured, you may need different types of expenses like medical bills, medicine costs, nursing fees, diagnosis fees, operation theater fees, and so on like these. At that time, you are jobless and can’t earn any more. 

In that case, you need to pay for all those from your saving or by taking a loan. This is also very significant damage at that time. At that time, you need to hire a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Legal Fees

For arranging the money for different types of costs when you are on the bed, you need to apply for compensation. But nowadays, in most cases, insurance companies reject the application of then clients. At that time, you need to file a lawsuit against the insurance company.

In that case, you need to pay different types of legal fees. Besides, some other legal fees you must pay after being a victim in an accident. The amount of these fees is not too little so that you can avoid it. You should keep it in your mind all the cost. 

The best is you can collect all the money receipt. But you will not get a money receipt for all the costs. Some of them are invisible. So, it would be best if you did both things. We can recommend you to use a notepad and note all the costs down during your case. 

Non-economic Damage:

Non-economic damages are intangible damages which you will not be able to show anyone. Some non-economic damages are as follows:

Physical Suffering and Pains

In an accident, you will get many fractures and damages. This will not come without having physical pain. You will get the ultimate pain. Just imagine someone is breaking any of your body parts. How worst it can be. This pain may last a long time.

These damages are actually not compensable. Then again, you should definitely add some amount for the physical suffering and pain damages with the total amount of compensation for having financial support.

Mental Pains

With the physical pain, you will be broken mentally. An accident is enough for fully breaking you mentally. You will not have the ability to go anywhere yourself. How helpless you will be. Just think about that. Does it compensable.

Loss of Sexual Functions

When you are fighting with deadly pain, will you have the mood to sex? Obviously not. But it may affect your relationship, especially when you are on the bed for many years. We hope you have understood.

Punitive Damages:

Punitive damages are a different type of injury which available only in a few circumstances. These damages are basically done by the defendant when intentionally neglect or behave hazardously with the victim.

Most of the time, punitive damages are awarded by the court in some extraordinary lawsuits. These damages are not applicable to all the cases.


These are mainly different types of damages in truck crash accident cases. Now you can imagine how serious a truck accident can be. So, you need to be very careful when you are driving a truck. At first, you have to know how to drive a truck properly. We will recommend you to apply for insurance to minimize your risk if you are a truck driver.