What Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

The Amazon affiliate marketing program is also known as Amazon Associates, which will help the bloggers to earn money through their website, blog, social media page, or youtube channel. There is nothing complicated in it. Users just have to create an account and which will be immediately approved. After that, users can put the affiliate links on their website. If a user buys something through that link then the website owner or the blogger will receive a commission.

First lets us know about the Amazon Affiliate Program.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Affiliate is a marketing program where bloggers and website owners can become Amazon Associates by opening a free account. The bloggers have to create links of the products available on Amazon.com. As soon as something is bought through the link, the blogger will get the commission. Here the process is explained in an easy manner.

How does Amazon Affiliate Program Work for Marketing?

Users who want to become Amazon associates or be a part of the amazon affiliate program then need to have a blog, app, social page, or YouTube channel. These websites will be helpful if they already have text content or videos. It will be the best thing for Amazon and for the associate. The user has to describe the purpose of his website or blog before joining an amazon affiliate program.

How to become Affiliate Marketer for Amazon?

Here are the steps, which will help the users to create the account:

  1. Go to Amazon Associates homepage and click Join Now for Free.
  2. Users will have the option to log in to their existing account or create a new one.
  3. After signing in, the next step is to click New Customer and from here, users can make their Associates account.
  4. Enter the account info which includes the following:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone number
  5. Here, the phone number of the payee should enter.
  6. Now users have to enter the address of their website, blog, YouTube channel, or app.
  7. The next step is to enter the preferred store ID that will be the name of the primary website of the user.
  8. Now the user has to explain the ways, which will attract traffic to his website. Here he has to mention the ways of building links and mention the number of visitors who visit the website each month.
  9. The next step is to enter the phone number. In order to do this user has to click Call he and me now will receive a call from Amazon. The caller will ask to enter a four-digit code, which will approve the account.
  10. Now the time has come to enter the payment method. Here users have to enter credit or debit card number and tax ID.
  11. After the account is created, users will be automatically taken to the personal associate homepage. Here users will find the dashboard, which will also include earning dashboard, total clicks, and monthly summary.

How to Create Affiliate Link?

Here are the steps to create an Amazon Affiliate link.

  1. Go to the Quick Links and chops either Search for Product or Browse for Product.
  2. If the user clicks Search for Products, he can search the product through keywords.
  3. If he selects Browse for Products, he can search the product through various categories.
  4. Select a product and click the Get Link button.
  5. The link can customize by choosing add with text and image, image only, text only, or widget.
  6. Customize the background according to the link title, image size, and color.
  7. Preview the link and then add it to the website by copying and pasting it. The account will be valid for 180 days and if no sale has been made, the account will be closed. The user has the option to apply again for the associate after making adjustments to his site.


From the above listed points, you can come to know about what is amazon affiliate marketing and how it works.

Image credit: variety.com