What Software & Services You Can Use To Create A Logo For Website?

Well, you just took the plunge and created your very first blog or website. You may acquire all tips and knowledge to get your website work, but don’t forget to create a logo for website. Your website may look more professional and comprehensive with a little logo. And to get started, you need a logo, the first image of your blog, and above all, your brand to be easily recognizable on the web. But maybe you have no idea where to get it? Which logo should you choose? Which font should be used? Fortunately, there are some tools will help you create a fantastic website logo.

These online logo creators are very user-friendly, as most of them are require any skill or experience to use. So you would not worry about taking your much time and effort to finish your designing tasks.

Create a Logo for Website with Software & Services

Look no further; let’s check out these logo designing services to create a logo for website and to find the best fit for you.



DesignEvo is a web-based graphics tool that offers a wide range with over 10,000 templates for those who are looking for a service to design a logo. In addition to a large number of models, it has a robust but easy-to-use editor. With this tool, it is effortless to design a logo for each project quickly. Please note that the access to the editor as well as the creation of the logo is free. However, you have to go to the cashier to download it in higher resolution.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is an online logo creator that will generate your logo according to your brand information and description though we still not clear how does the machine work. Of course, you need to give it some information, such as the name of your blog, topic and show him some fonts that you like. After a few minutes of configuration, it will provide you with ideas that come as close as possible to your designs.



Logaster is another logos creation service available online. The interface is a little less up-to-date than some competitors, but the program is still useful. After you have entered the name of your project and its field of activity, you have several logo templates suggestion. Once you have an idea to go what you are going to customize the logo, you can edit it precisely, be it in terms of color, element position or size. All these steps are free, but to download your logo in high resolution, you are required to pay some fee.


It is a brilliant tool for people who want to make logos for free, but not the best quality. Canva is a web-based tool you will find thousands of elements to customize all the logo that we want. It also allows you to create designs for all kinds of occasions (cards, invitations, posters, etc.).

If you just need a more straightforward but less expensive logo, Canva can be the perfect tool for you. Although you will not get a thoroughly professional result if it offers the best options and elements to achieve something incredible.



Similar to Tailor Brands, but GraphicSprings features a vast drawing database. GraphicSprings is very easy to use, does not require downloads and works perfectly with any web browser.

You can select objects in the page menu, add text by choosing the font of your choice, all in a very ergonomic interface. When you create an account, you can save your creations online. As with Tailor Brands, you’ll need to go to checkout to get a copy of your high-resolution logo.