kindle ebook not downloading

Why is my Kindle Ebook Not Downloading – Easy Fixes

Are you unable to download anything on Kindle ebook? Is it showing an error while you install something? If this is the problem that is creating trouble for you then all you have to do is to carefully read the stated article. 

This article will help you to know how to fix a Kindle ebook that’s not downloading, the steps shared with you are verified, effective, and smart and surely will take you out of the issue that is tackling you. 

Why Is My Kindle Ebook Not Downloading?

Many of you would be curious to know about the reason that created this problem. If you are thinking that your device is now out of the service or destroyed then we want to first clear you that it’s not destroyed.

There are some prevalent problems that are leading the Kindle to not do the downloading process. Some of the reasons are shared below in the points with you, look below… 

  • Internal deformities also lead directly to this problem.
  • Device access to the old version causes errors.
  • Sometimes Kindle won’t connect to wifi accurately. 
  • Improper charging may also not allow the device to download properly. 

These are such issues that create troubles but you don’t worry, just look further for the steps to fix a Kindle ebook that’s not downloading anything. 

Steps To Fix Kindle Ebook That’s Not Downloading

So, without wasting more time, let’s just have a look at the steps and comprehend them properly. The user can easily resolve this problem by themselves only if he or she will properly follow the guidelines stated below. 

Missing any point can cause a bad outcome, so it would be better for you to accurately follow the solutions.  

Are You Ready To Fix Issue On Your Own? 

That’s great, so without taking even your second, let us share tips with you now. Be confident, you can very easily do it. 

Clue 1st 

Firstly you just have to update your Kindle device. When updating didn’t take palace properly in the gadget then it starts showing hurdles and possibly this can be a reason causing the kindle ebook not downloading anything. 

So, you just have to update the kindle. The steps to update the kindle were stated below, you can freely take help from there. 

  • In Kindle, you have to go to “Manage Your Content and Devices”.
  • There search for the book.
  • After that, you have to choose “Update Available”,
  • Then just tap on “Update” and there you go. 

Clue 2nd 

Hey, while downloading was your Kindle connected to accurate wifi? If no, then this is the actual reason creating a problem for you while downloading. 

You just have to connect your device with a strong and stable internet and after that, you can easily download and operate Kindle gadgets. 


  • Make sure to enter the correct password. 
  • There should not be any obstacles across your devices. 
  • An appropriate distance should be maintained in both devices. 
  • No additional devices should be connected with the router that is contented to your device, otherwise, you will face a lack of internet.

Clue 3rd 

Sometimes, the person fails as of low charge. If your Kindle is not charged then kindly first charge it properly. It is impossible to operate your device if it is not charged properly. 

Leave your device for charging at least for half an hour when it gets charged properly then again try to download in it. 

Clue 4th 

Hey, if you are still facing the same trouble and are unable to download from Kindle ebook then the best and effective step you must take is to just restart your device. Restarting will help you to overcome this problem. 

Many of the users get free from this problem just by rebooting. Dear users, kindly make sure before rebooting to disconnect the internet connection. Doing this will help you to do a proper rebooting process. 

After the device goes blank, wait for around half an hour. And after that again turn on the device and connect it with a strong network then again try to download it in Kindle ebook. 


Was this article useful to know how to fix if Kindle ebook not downloading? Hopefully, you will now be free from this trouble. Are you? That’s brilliant, this is exactly what we were actually waiting for. 

Now, you can easily install whatever you want. Our main motive is only to take you out of the problem that is tackling you. 

If you are still facing this error then, you can take assistance from official experts of kindle, they will guide you accurately.