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Why Wear Black Sclera Contact Lenses on Halloween?

People love wearing colored contact lenses on Halloween! Halloween is one holiday when you do not care about social norms and boundaries while choosing your makeup and outfit. It allows you to unleash your inner makeup artist and let your creativity run wild by wearing black Sclera Contacts. You can go all out with your Halloween costume and not pay any attention to what people might think. And that is what makes it a fun, exciting holiday that everyone looks forward to celebrating. People start prepping for Halloween months in advance. So they can get their hands on their desired costumes and makeup items, just in time from the big event!

Halloween dates back to ancient times, originated from the ancient Celtic festivals of Samhain. People celebrated to commemorate the ghosts and spirits of people who have passed away by lighting fires and wearing creepy costumes. Before, Halloween was a holiday to celebrate dead people. Now, it has become an event full of festive and exciting activities, such as carving Jack-O-Lanterns, dressing up spookily, going trick or treating, decorating your house with spine-chilling decorations, and going to crazy Halloween parties!

Why should you use Sclera Contact Lenses?

People love incorporating crazy-looking Halloween contacts in their costumes. It is not always easy for everyone to get them a pair that fits them perfectly. Unfortunately, some people suffer from eye disorders such as the irregular cornea, refractive errors, etc that come in their way of buying regular Halloween contacts. Optometrists suggest using sclera contacts for better results and a more comfortable experience for people with abnormal eye conditions.

Most people ask, why sclera contact lenses? Well, this is because the specialists design these lenses in such a way that they leave a little space between your eye and the lens, filled with a saline solution to keep your eye from getting dry or irritated. These lenses are made specifically for every individual who uses them, so their size and shape are always perfect. A myth regarding sclera contacts is their over-high price, which is false! Sclera lenses come with unlimited benefits, which makes them the best choice that you have for your Halloween contacts this year!

Black Sclera Contacts

Black sclera contacts are a trendy choice among Halloween enthusiasts because of their ability to cover the eye completely, giving off a breathtakingly scary outlook to your outfit. People often wonder if you can see through black sclera contact lenses, and the answer is yes! of course, you can. These lenses are designed to keep the center transparent for the wearer to see right through them.

Some unique looks to create with black sclera contact lenses

The Pumpkin Demon

Pumpkins are a significant part of Halloween, so why not incorporate pumpkins in your Halloween look this year? Pumpkin demon is a look that you can create with some orange and black body paint, black sclera contacts, and orange mascara for an even prettier result. Paint your entire face orange, and feel free to be creative while drawing around your eyes and mouth area with black face paint. Adding orange mascara to your eyes along with black sclera lenses will make them pop out!

Baby Yoda Look

As weird as it may seem, you heard it right! You can nail a Baby Yoda Halloween look with the help of black sclera contacts. They will give the shine you need in your eyes to make them look innocent and cute. Other than that, some green body paint, prosthetic ears, an oversized pullover hoodie, and a lot of creativity are what you need to execute this look with perfection.

The Traditional Vampire Look

Halloween is incomplete without a Vampire or Werewolf Look. Luckily, these looks will require you to have black sclera contact lenses for your eyes to look bleak, lifeless, and blood-curdling scary. A traditional vampire look can never go wrong at Halloween. Dress up just the way you want to, or go a little over the top by dressing up in a nurse, a doctor, or a formal outfit. Make your skin look as white as possible, and add black lines under your eyes and lips. Adding some fake pointy teeth and fake blood will make your outfit look very realistic.

Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter

This is one unique Halloween look that can get you a lot of praise and approval! Everyone loves Harry Potter and is always excited to see it fusing with Halloween. People can achieve Bellatrix’s Halloween look by buying a cheap corset off Amazon, some black sclera lenses, and a big curly-haired wig. That’s all you need for your costume to be completed. Besides that, making your skin look white and bloodless, adding some dark circles here and there, and contouring a lot to make your cheekbones pop out like hers is the key to making your costume look realistic. You may also use prosthetics to add dimensions to your face.

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