Why You Need Business Email: Know Benefits

Email is the easiest, best communication tool that is clearly and professionally good for career prospects. As it allows keeping the project moving when the co-worker is not available, or they are in another part of the world. Emails work great when your conversation partner wants to communicate even if you are not available at that same time.

Benefits of Business Email:

1. Professional Communication

Email offers you a professional level of communication. Companies are revolutionized their communications by using emails. Because it saves money and remains effective for marketing options communication lines. Just by one click of an email, collaboration becomes easy on any project.

2. Effective communicatiomn

Now upcoming generations feel more comfortable in sending mails than using memos or traditional letters. Email benefits business in many ways like eases of communication, messages move quickly to the concerned person, etc. A large amount of information can be shared within a minute by emails or attachments.

The marketing campaign is effective because of email. Emails are inexpensive and build goodwill with the clients.

3. More Organized

Emails are store electronically so like old times, we don’t need to keep a lot of paperwork or keep their record. But it is easy, efficient, and accurate without creating unnecessary paperwork. Multiple emails allow the user to more organized because the user can create attachments. It can be store permanently and can be accessed at any time.

4. Faster Communication

Letters take several days to arrive as Emails are instantaneous. Emails can be sent without waiting for an answer as post mails can be delay due to poor service, busy phone lines, or even lack of paper. At the same time, faxes are faster than post mail as they are spam-free.

5. Business email is a Bridge between Customer and Businesses

An email grants benefits to both sender and receiver. Both have the freedom to respond without facing any interruptions. It helps the receiver to respond as well as to gather information. Senders also enjoy the same benefit.

Collaboration between the customers and the company is vital for the business. Emails can be sent to multiple groups as a survey, a training tool, or as feedback from customers. Emails allow the participant to work gether at their own free will.

How Much it costs to buy Business Email?

Business emails are very cheap to buy. You can check Business Email Prices here. You can get a business email at hundred rupees per year. Its cost seems very less when you will look at its benefits. You must also get at least one business email for you.

Google G Suite Vs eWebGuru Business Email

To use business emails you have two options. You can buy Gsuite by google or you can use Business emails from private companies like ewebguru, GoDaddy, Zoho, etc.

G Suite subscription is very costly for individual business owners. G Suite includes all google cloud services like Docs, Sheets, GMAIL, google meet, and Hangout. On the other hand, Business emails are cheap and sufficient too to fulfill the requirements of small business owners. In a Business mail subscription, you get a mailbox, spam protection, and customer name SMTP.


Business emails add professional value to your business. These mails can increase marketing results and give ease of doing business. You can easily bear the cost of one email as it’s a few 100 rupees per year. There are many companies that offer business emails at different costs.