5 Life Saving Android Apps for Busy Working Women

“No wonder women are better at multitasking than men!”

Often, in trying to meet household responsibilities, we sacrifice our own health, well-being, and peace of mind.

Fortunately, we now live in a world that’s increasingly tech-savvy. 

When you don’t have time to accomplish your reading practices or do the groceries, there are now apps on your mobile that will deliver the services to you wherever you are and whenever you need it. 
In a life where you can take very few things for granted, you can always rely on these apps to fulfill all your needs making you healthy and happy :

  1. MagTapp
  2. Practo
  3. Big Basket
  4. Ola
  5. Urban Clap


The Mother of all Apps!

Have you ever wanted to learn beauty tips from international glam magazines?


Or wanted to read foreign novels in your own native language? 

Well, here’s the perfect app for you MagTapp. 

  • It is the first and exclusive visual web browser app that will help the user to read, understand, save, share and discover web and documents in their own language with the help of just a simple TAP.
  •  Most of the content available online is in English, which serves as a major disadvantage for people who may not be fluent in English.
  • Gone are the days when housewives would be ridiculed for not understanding the nitty-gritty of English. 
  • No one could possibly beat the efficiency of MagTapp as an application. Simply because it strives to empower inquisitive beings who are not afraid of their shortcomings and have MagTapp as a guide to their path of enlightenment. 
  • With its easy-to-use features and one tap pictorial interface, it’s a paradise for homemakers. 
  • The utilitarian features of MagTapp like a document saver offline reading the feature and sharing in any native language as well is too good to be true. 
  • This app is compatible with mostly all latest phones as recently I tested on Google pixel 4 which is new in the market and App is giving an amazing experience.

MagTapp is leading the way towards women empowerment.


The Portable Doctor

Did you know that women in India (over 50 years) are one of the fastest-growing bases for online consultation of health issues?


This is one of the findings of the Practo report on India’s most comprehensive healthcare map on women.

“Practo studied 6 crore Indian women patients in 2018. They found a major 176% increase amongst women users who were using online consultation for healthcare and 31% growth for physical appointments.”

  • Most of them were looking for help in gynecology and dermatology. Given how sensitive some of our health issues can be, it could be embarrassing for women to discuss their problems openly – especially with strangers. 
  • Many resort to self-diagnosis; searching on Google for symptoms and worse, try to medicate themselves. 
  • This is where the anonymity and complete privacy provided by Practo becomes very helpful. Women find online consultation easily accessible, private and trustworthy. 
  • You can access the service at any time of day or night and it takes less than 60 seconds to get connected to a doctor online! 
  • Women from smaller towns and cities use online consults to get access to top doctors who may be located far away. The consultation remains private between patients and doctors.


Online Grocery Shopkeeper

“Oops, did you just forget to buy an extra carton of milk for the guests coming over tonight?”

Big Basket

Big Basket is a must-have app so you can order all your groceries online without having to worry about physically going to the market.

  • With over 18,000 products and over 1000 brands in its catalog, you can find almost everything you are looking for. 
  • Right from fresh fruits and vegetables, rice and dals, spices and seasonings to packaged products, beverages, and personal care products, meats – they have it all. 
  • Select a time slot as you like it for delivery and your order will be delivered right to your doorstep. This e-grocery platform offers an extensive range of FMCG products. 

With Big Basket, moms can not only have a seamless grocery shopping experience but also save big time on everyday purchases.

4. OLA

Transportation At It’s Best

What would you are doing once your female friend desperately must get out and you’re stuck at your office/class/friend’s home?


The answer to everything is – you book her a cab! But what’s even higher is that she books it herself.

Ola integrates town transportation for purchasers and driver-partners onto a mobile technology platform guaranteeing convenient, clear, and fast service fulfillment. 

  • So, on the days when you get stuck at work and fear to travel back home in the night, Ola drives you safely to your loved ones, or in cases of emergency, Ola serves as a quick aid to help you reach your destination well in time. 
  • Using the writing paper mobile app, users across one0+ cities will connect with over 1,000,000 driver-partners across cabs, auto-rickshaws, and taxis. 

Driven by a hyperlocal approach, Ola is committed to its mission of building mobility for a billion people.


One-Stop Shop For All Your Needs

Last-minute potluck party plan in your house and you have nothing ready?

Urban Clap

Urban Clap is a simple and effective platform to get all your services sorted at your doorstep. 

  • They are a mobile marketplace for local services, helping customers hire trusted professionals for all their service needs. 
  • Along with providing work services, which consist of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, cleaning and pest control, they also provide personal services like beauty, spa, mobile, and other appliance repairs etc. Be it obtaining a repair done, up to your fitness through yoga, learning to play the stringed instrument, decorating your home or obtaining candid photos of your wedding clicked, they are a sure shot destination for your service needs.

We have all advocated that a woman should work and become financially independent.

While it is a noble thought, some of us in that process have belittled the work that a housewife does.

She gets up the earliest in the morning and is the last to sleep at night. That is way more than the average hours that working professionals put in. 

Most of us generally forget to acknowledge the amount of work that goes into maintaining a house, to seek a balance in the family. Amid her busy schedule in the day, she really doesn’t quite find the time for herself. 

The general perception of a housewife watching a saas-bahu serial all day has never really existed in reality.

 A housewife finds her salary in compliments and the satisfaction of the family. She finds her content in the relieved smiles of her family, after a sumptuous meal and a home in order to come back to. 

Now we understand and appreciate the sentiment, but why can’t one make it easier, much easier? Be it a home or an office, a hard worker also has to be a smart worker. It is also important to find time for yourself. 

Hence these apps serve to be sidekicks for all the superwomen out there!!!

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