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7 Great Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress Website

Instagram is a visual media-sharing app with around 1.074 billion users. So, imagine the vibrancy, vividness, and vibe the platform contains. How about carrying the same vibe on your website? It is simple and worthy. Read this blog till the end to find the 7 best Instagram feed plugins on your WordPress website.

If you are still thinking about the benefit of integrating Instagram feed, don’t worry, your query is justified, and we will try to solve it. Although this integration has many amazing benefits, here we will be talking about one major aspect as to why you need to adopt this strategy.

We are in the digital era, and during these times, websites are the reflection of brands’ quality. Therefore, you must have noticed many businesses working on their website to make it more attractive and pleasing to the eyes. And for this modification, they highly depend on images and videos, which we can agree brings out the charm. But, unfortunately, often images and videos make the website slow, and this is where this integration comes in handy.

Firstly, it makes the website lively. And secondly, if you are integrating using Instagram WordPress plugins, feeds do not even affect your website’s speed. So it is a win-win situation for you.

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Now you know why to do it, so let’s move to the core of our topic – How to do it? 

If you noticed, we mentioned – Instagram WordPress plugin in out above statement. These plugins help to ease this integration as they allow you to embed Instagram widget on your WordPress website without any hassle.

WordPress app stores have various such plugins, for your ease, we are listing the 7 best WordPress plugins for Instagram Feed. These plugins are easy to use and provide great results. 

7 Best Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress Website

WordPress has been a popular website builder for two simple reasons – first, it is easy to use. Second, it provides various plugins which add charm and increase functionality on the website. And when we talk about the functionality of adding Instagram feed Plugins on the website, the WordPress app store does not fail to impress as it contains many options. Here is the list of 7 best options.

1. Instagram Feed Plugin of WordPress by Tagembed 

Tagembed is one the most popular social media aggregator as it provides amazing results at minimum cost. It carries the same reputation for its plugin. You can easily find it on the WordPress plugin store. For that, you just have to search – Instagram feed by Tagembed on the plugin store, and the search engine will suggest you this tool.

You can create your free account and enjoy the amazing services and features of the tool. It helps you to collect Instagram feeds from your selected source and display them on the website. Besides, Instagram the tool allows you to integrate with 15+ social media platforms.

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It is compatible with all media types; hence you can stream videos, images, and GIFs on your website without any trouble. And with responsive feed, visitors using can screen type can enjoy the content without facing any hindrance.

The tool is easy to install and operate and is coding-free. So even if you don’t have any coding skills or experience, you can still use this tool. Moreover, with this, you can even save your cost. Because the tool does not even require any developer or specialist for operations, it functions smoothly and automatically displays all the latest Instagram posts on the website. 

2. Social Photo Feed by Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon Social Photo is another easy-to-use tool that eases the embedding process. The tool also offers the facility to display content from multiple Instagram accounts. Users can also choose whether they want to display the contents of multiple Instagram accounts on the same feed or separate feeds.

All the feeds are responsive, which means they adjust according to the screen type. So the user doesn’t have to worry about changing the display settings as per screen type. Also, you can customize these feeds according to your preference. It allows changing the width, height, and number of photos, the number of columns, image size, image spacing, background, and more. You can use this feature to enhance the beauty of your website.

3. Spotlight Social Media Feeds by RebelCode

One of the main advantages of embedding an Instagram feed on the website is that it keeps visitors engaged to the website. Here, Spotlight Social Media Feeds plugin comes in handy, as it provides unlimited Instagram feed across the website.  

You can connect multiple accounts and choose from different templates and themes to display your feed. In addition, the tool allows you to customize the feed according to the need and match with the website to enhance its beauty. You can also add the “Follow” and “Add more” buttons to make your website more interactive.

4. WPZOOM Social Feed Widget by WPZOOM

WPZOOM Social Feed Widget is a lightweight and simple widget to display Instagram feed on your WordPress website. The tool is easy to set up and configure and you can place it anywhere on your website.

5. 10Web Social Photo Feed by 10Web

10Web Social Photo Feed plugin displays a fully customizable Instagram feed for your website. And with the infinite scroll option, visitors can stay engaged on the website for a long time. The tools provide two defeat themes, but you have further options when you opt for the premium version of the tool.

6. Social Feed Gallery by QuadLayers

It is one of the most trusted plugins on WordPress. It collects the feed using hashtags and Instagram handles and offers the customization option. You can choose to display your feed as a gallery or carousel for free, while masonry highlight alternatives are available in the premium version. 

7. Social Slider Widget by Creativemotion

The plugin is compatible with shortcodes and hence provides smooth integration with Instagram. Moreover, it is super easy to set up, and you can place the feed anywhere on your website. In addition, the feeds are fully responsive and adjust themselves according to different screen sizes.

Over to You

Adding Instagram feed plugins on the website is a smart move. With the help of these plugins, you can easily achieve this feat. The tools mentioned above offer more features, here we have mentioned their major features. You can try these tools and opt that suits the style of your website.