how to choose seo friendly web hosting

For what reason is SEO significant? Simply figure, you could have the most stunning website or e-commerce store on the planet, however that won’t make any difference the slightest bit if nobody can see it.

The worth of website hosting for SEO has been improperly disparaged for a long while. On the off chance that you are not kidding about the achievement of your online business, you need a web host that underpins your SEO actions.

Your hosting provider can affect SEO friendly web hosting. There are various highlights a web hosting and low cost vps hosting provider can offer to improve your website’s positioning on search engines.

In this article, we will investigate how to create free SEO friendly web hosting activities and search rankings. We will likewise investigate a portion of the interesting points while choosing an SEO-friendly hosting and domain name.     

How to Choose Best SEO Friendly Web Hosting?

Search engines need to convey fantastic, exceptionally relevant content, paying little heed to where it is hosted. There are some significant SEO factors to consider when picking a hosting supplier.

1. Uptime guarantee

Server uptime refers to the measure of time your site is accessible to be gotten to by guests. The higher your website uptime, the more it is accessible, making you gain page rankings. With regards to picking the correct SEO friendly web hosting services, you can’t afford to think to compromise in uptime.

On the off chance that you have the high website uptime, it’s almost certain your website will have better rankings. For the most part, best WordPress hosting for SEO suppliers offer at any rate a 99.9% uptime ensure, and that is really acceptable.

2. Nearby Hosting Server for High Speed

One of the various components search engines base their rankings on other than content marketing is the location of your hosted website server.

This is connected to hosting speed, in that that you are so near your server will influence your site loading speed. The more servers close the quicker the site load times and better search engine rankings in Google.

Obviously, it is conceivable to rank high in one nation despite the fact that your servers are situated in another; however, this will require substantially more exertion and impressively considerably more difficult work.

Moreover, you may seem doubtful to some search engines on the off chance that you do your business on one area yet your servers are found significant distance.

3. Website security

Appropriate and steady support is components of the main system that will make your website secure, which positively affects the best web platform for SEO. Else, you chance turning into a survivor of a hacking activity that includes utilizing your traffic for posting different kinds of content.

Google doesn’t care for websites that appear to be deceitful, so putting resources into strong SSL certificate will improve your search motor rankings. So it’s not just about getting an expert SEO organization, it’s likewise about a secure web hosting.

I found DomainRacer best in providing the high-quality security to their clients with the finest technology tools like spam protection, Imunify360, ImunifyAV+, free SSL Certificate, Mod Security etc.

4. Data Backups

One of the key highlights of SEO-friendly site hosting and affordable reseller hosting is having programmed data backups accessible on the off chance that your site doesn’t work appropriately.

In case your site unexpectedly loses every one of its data by any cyber threat, there is nothing for search engines to rank.

Picking a hosting provider that can furnish you with these backups consistently and assist you with dealing with working issues productively is a clever decision.

5. Scalability

As your site gets more traffic, issues of scalability can become possibly the most important factor. You don’t need your loading speed to be slow when visitors try to access once you begin getting more search traffic. The better your server handles the additional traffic, the more scalable it is supposed to be.

Scalability is additionally affected by your host’s framework on specific sorts of plans like VPS. A few hosts will scale up the number of assets your site gets more liberally than others. This is difficult to know early, however, know about it.

6. Responsive Technical Support

You may not have the unclear idea about the significance of a decent support team until your website goes down. It is imperative to have somebody you can depend on when something turns out badly.

On the off chance that your website has any issue, or you have any questions, a decent support group ought to be accessible to help you regardless of what time it is. Ensure the web host has a decent technical and support group set up in light of the fact that regardless of how technically adroit you will be, you may have a test that you can’t resolve.


Picking a SEO friendly domain name and web hosting isn’t simple. There are numerous things you have to remember. By picking the best SEO friendly website hosting, you can without much of a stretch make a brand just as lift your hunt traffic.

A decent, solid SEO well-disposed web host must be your best help and one of the quiet legends working from the foundation. We trust this was useful, and that you will discover what you’re scanning for.